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Global Institute of Studies campus located at Nilai Educational hub, Bandar Baru Nilai, Negeri Sembilan established in the year 2000. Registered accredited centre with Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, Kementerian Sumber Manusia, Malaysia since 2008 offering Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia programme to school leavers and adult learners in pursuing Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET)

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In a way forward, Global Institute of Studies plan to create and provide a new dimension of learning skills to international school leavers and adult learners who are not option-out from the purely academic stream and preparing them for skills-based qualification in job entry employment and entrepreneurship.

In mainstreaming international skills training Global Institute of Studies had prepare to build highly-skilled professional by re-branding and reformation the TVET image within the regulatory body NASDA 2006 (Act 652)

In building the capacity and achieving the established strategic thrust among other

  • Enhancing the quality of skills development and training
  • Meeting the skilled workforce needs of industry
  • Enhancing esteem and recognition for skills-based qualifications and careers thus increasing the value of TVET graduates.

International Technical Education & Vocational Training Programme in Malaysia (INVITE) is an innovative initiative developed with the aim of preparing technical and vocational training graduates with competencies for both Malaysian and International students.


Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT) system in Malaysia has an important role in providing high skilled labor to fulfill the needs of industry.

INVITE is designed to provide comprehensive skills training including:

  • Technical skills
  • Communication language skills
  • Office administration technological skills
  • Entrepreneurship

Armed with these skills, trainees are prepared for eventual and successful employment as skilled employees or as an entrepreneur.

The programmes also designed to incorporate with an internship programmes with local industrial partners. It is structured innovative internship programme that is accredited, audited and certified by the Accredited Training Centres and Government monitoring and regulatory agency, which offers trainees a unique first-hand experience in their learnt trade area. The internship programme bridges the gap between learning and training environment with a “real-life” practice or working experience.

With the employers’ responsibility in preparing the intern for concrete capabilities to perform on the job through mapping the industry-based curriculum developed by Jabatan


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Complex 1, 7465-7470,
Putra Point 1,
Jalan BBN 1/1A,

 71800 Bandar Baru Nilai,
Negeri Sembilan


Tel: +60(06) 850 0688
Fax: +60(06) 850 0699